Our Vision

A bigger, stronger Guild for all members

In the next three years, we will, first and foremost, continue to focus on making our union bigger and stronger, while bargaining strong contracts, vigorously enforcing them and responsibly managing our finances. Here are some additional specific goals:

  • TRAINING. Expand and better promote training programs to give members the skills they need. Training programs may range from evening workshops to online courses. The first thing to do is to survey members for their needs.
  • FREELANCERS. Increase the number of Guild members not just through organizing, but by building a freelancers’ unit that will give self-employed journalists benefits and services, while broadening our participation in the New York journalism community.
  • MENTORING. Start a mentoring program for veteran Guild members to advise young journalists and students at area journalism schools.
  • COMMUNITY-BUILDING. Further develop our community-building efforts with topical panel discussions and more workshops, mixers, outings and member benefits and discounts.
  • QUALITY JOURNALISM. Become a stronger advocate for quality journalism as the news business continues to evolve by speaking out on press-related issues in the press, on social media and on our website.
  • INVESTING. While our investment program has been successful, we will seek even better ways of growing our assets to support our union’s goals.

As we look to the future, what we value most is your involvement. We need contributions and suggestions from all members if we’re going to succeed. Because, we’re in this together.