Bill O’Meara – President, NewsGuild of New York (2007-2015)

Peter Szekely is the right choice…the ONLY choice…for President of The NewsGuild of New York.  He is the candidate with the intelligence, the courage, and the guts to lead our union through what are likely to be some of the most difficult times in our industry.

I have known Peter for most of the 27 years I worked at the Guild.  He was always the hardest working, smartest and most committed union leader I know.  That was true when he toiled as a Labor Reporter at Reuters and led the unit bargaining team through several difficult, but successful, rounds of contract talks, and it continues to be true today.

Peter has a proven track record.  He has kept the Local financially strong ensuring its ability to provide strong representation for ALL of its members.  He stands strong in the face of continued attacks by management, as evidenced by his recent successful battle for a decent contract settlement at Time Inc.

He has the respect of management from The New York Times and all the way down to the smallest shops.

He will continue the vital work of growing our union with continuing organizing successes such as the recent victory at Law360. He will not make false promises of pie-in-the-sky, but he will deliver  good, strong results with the excellent, expanded staff he has put together over the past year.

This may well be the most important election in the history of the New York Guild. If you care about your job and your future, it is critical that you vote, and urge your colleagues to vote, for Peter Szekely and his entire slate.